In order to detect, control,  and prevent the occurrence and spread,  control and eradicate diseases of animals and zoonoses, depending on their nature and the level of danger, Chief of the National Veterinary Office  may determine one or more of the following measures:

diagnostic and other tests,
identification of causes of disease and death,
conducting epidemiological research,
killing for diagnostic purposes,
killing for preventive purposes,
implementation of stamping-out procedure,
laboratory examination of raw hides,
laboratory water search,
implementation of specific, targeted animal health programs,
ban on the use of potions in animal feeding,
ban on grazing of domestic animals,
conducting wildlife searches,
laboratory testing of feed for production,
disinfection, disinsection and pest control,
implementation of biosecurity, zoo hygiene, zootechnical and isolation measures at places where animals are kept and / or bred,
clinical examination of animals and inspection of products of animal origin in the production of transport,
clinical examination of animals at fairs, markets, dogons, exhibitions, auctions, stock exchanges and sports competitions or other animal gatherings,
inspection of breeding and housing facilities,
inspection of means and conditions for the carriage of animals and products of animal origin,
inspection of facilities for slaughtering animals, processing, processing, storage and marketing of products of animal origin,
collecting and removing by-products and products derived therefrom,
inspection of the production, circulation, use and storage of reproductive material,
special marking of animals,
special conditions, restrictions or prohibitions on the import, export and transit of animals and products of animal origin,
ban on the movement of animals and the movement of humans,
restriction and prohibition of the placing on the market of products of animal origin,
inspection of the health safety of animal feed in production, transport and use,
educating animal owners,
a list of animals in the area where animal health measures are implemented,
determining how animals are kept on farms and handling wild animals.
Hrvatska veterinarska komora
Hrvatska veterinarska komora

Hrvatska veterinarska komora